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Fighting culture

In Cuba the struggle between the roosters is a strong social event, such as the box. The fights have returned legal from people acclamation a few years ago and with rigid rules. The relationship between men and animals is amazing. Before the fight it seems almost fraternal... even during the armor of the paws, the clans, the families, all the social classes are enfronting one to each others. Animals are transformed. The looks change. The tension rises. The graft of the spur is a slow ritual and one of great concentration. In legal fights, often the animals survive. However, it is enough that the spurs have a defect that destiny is marked. The size of the "weapon" is chosen by the contestants based on the weight of the roosters and their diligence. First a warm wax base to cement everything, then spurs it... the rooster is motionless... almost they are feeling the solemnity of the moment. Then with a cotton thread, the man fixed the weapon to the paw and finally a new wax cast. The rooster, like athletes of extreme combat disciplines, are shaved and prepared. The social role of fights between cocks is undeniable. The most visceral disputes, clashes and instincts of individuals or clans are"solved" in the fighr arena. No artifice. Transfigurations are physical and social... roosters more and more fighter athletes and men less and less men.

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