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My name is Simone Francescangeli, I'm a self-made visual story teller. I like to relate stories about the human being and his capacities and social implications of his interventions in this world. Until now I brought my camera around in Italy, in Europe, South America and Africa. I've got the opportunity to public some of my projects such as Ethiopian pilgrims, Italian roads in Ethiopia, Artisanal divers of Chile, Child miniers in Bolivia), in different magazines: The Washington Post, TCI, Witness Journal, GUP Spain, eperfectmagazine and some local publications in Cile and for a small editor in Italy. I've done some photo exhibitions in Italy, Russia, Japan, in Croatia and Cile and expose my projects in four Photo festivals: Ancona Foto Festival, Photoreport/Age in Pomarico (Italy, AnotherViewPhoto in Tolentino (Italy and Festival Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia. My project of Chiliean lumeberjack was selected in Critics’ Choice Award 2020 of Lensculture. I'd partecipate in international photo awards and gaining the winner prize in Still in Motion/Video Photographer Of the Year International Photography Awards IPA 2020, Portfolio section in Budapest International Foto Awards 2020 and in Editorial section in Moscow International Foto Award in 2020, 2019, 2017 and in "People-Family and Events" in Tokyo foto awards 2016. I recived "Iofotoreporter" prize in Italy in 2011, and I was the winner and second place finisher in some section in MIFA 2018,2017,2016 and gain the second place in "people,travel and culture" in ND Photography award and several honorable mention in many other photo awards like Ipa, Family of men, Mifa, Tifa, Lensculture, ecc...


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